Help GASP stop the Choking Game before it hits close to home

The Choking Game is a misunderstood activity causing death and suffering for thousands of families worldwide. It often begins with high-achieving teens choking each other as a way to get high without the risk of getting caught with drugs or alcohol. It ends with thousands of kids dying or suffering permanent brain damage each year.

Set up by families of Choking Game victims, GASP is a global nonprofit campaign that fights this “game” with the most powerful weapon at our disposal: education. Most people have no idea how dangerous the Choking Game is until it hits close to home—but we can prevent suffering by publicizing the danger in our schools and homes.

Together, we can stamp out this deadly game in your community.

Our goals for 2010 are to:
  • Conduct programs in all 50 US states and all 10 Canadian provinces
  • Become a part of the DARE curriculum
  • Complete an official GASP trainer certified program