Games Adolescents Shouldn’t Play is an international not–for–profit association founded for the purpose of putting an end to the Choking Game—an asphyxiation activity that causes the needless death of children and suffering of communities. To achieve this goal, GASP partners with other organizations that include Choking Game education as part of their overall message.


Our association is entirely run by volunteers who have been directly affected by this “game”. Prior to their tragic individual experiences, none of our members had ever heard of the Choking Game, or at least didn’t think it was common. GASP focuses educational efforts on several fronts, including:

  • The Educational Community. GASP develops educational materials and conducts seminars in schools, and strives to incorporate the Choking Game into prevention education efforts that currently focus on alcohol, drugs and smoking. GASP also aims to become increasingly involved with DARE—a successful anti–drug program with an established presence in schools and communities across the US.
  • The Medical Community. Medical professionals must be taught about the dangers and proliferation of these activities. Medical examiners in particular need to be made conscious of asphyxiation when conducting the death investigation, as many Choking Game deaths are currently misattributed as suicides.
  • Parents. Education begins at the home so it is critical that we better inform parents of the dangers of this game, explain the warning signs and guide them on how to discuss this with their children.

There exists a common misconception that by discussing the dangers of the Choking Game, we are “teaching” children how to play the game itself. This cannot be further from the truth—most children already know about the Choking Game, yet very few understand the inevitable danger. None of our materials show children how to play, and we take an active stance against any organization that teaches the game as part of their message.


All funds are used to create and distribute awareness programs that educate parents, teachers, students, police organizations and healthcare providers about the dangers of this deadly game. Programs include educational videos, seminars, brochures, support groups, public awareness campaigns, and this website.


Funds received are from businesses as well as from private individuals. Donations of any amount are accepted for this worthy cause. If you wish to place a donation, please visit our donations page.


GASP members have been joined together out of love, loss and kindness. Most of our members have lost a family member to the Choking Game and work to stop others from experiencing the same traumatic events. One member also works with DARE in his efforts to educate children.


Stop the Choking Game Association, Inc has been organized and operated to qualify as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Association will be applying for a formal determination of this status from the IRS within the time frame required for recognition of exemption retroactive to formation. If a determination letter is issued, which we expect to be the case, this determination will relate back to the Association’s formation on 11/07/05. If you require additional information, please contact us at contact@GASPinfo.com. If we cannot answer your question directly we will refer you to our legal consul Meissner Tierney Fisher & Nichols s.c. Milwaukee Wisconsin.